Title: The Source Bust

Frederick Hart

H. 26 1/2 inches (67.31 cm) including base
W. 18 inches (45.72 cm)
D. 13 3/4 inches (34.92 cm)

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"Bronze tends to be moving and emotional. It suits me. It suits my temperament." - Frederick Hart

"'To create a sense of movement in an object that is at rest' — this has been said to be the task of the sculptor, and I think my father accomplished that in The Source... I think this is one of those works of art that not only makes an initial impact, it rewards a lot of attention. When you look at The Source closely, you realize that it is not just a pleasant image. When you look at the details, the representational components, and the abstract components, you see that they fit together. The Source has unity. When you step back, you see that it works in a complete way. Its presence is its meaning. The Source is art embodied, mystery embodied. A figure never fully seen. The source of inspiration." - Lain Hart