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    Visionary sculpture,
    radical in its sensuality,
    and innovative in the use of materials.

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About The Artist.

Frederick Hart

Sculpting out of an earnest passion to "explore the domains of existence, and capture the deep resonances of our commonality," Frederick Hart devoted his life to honing the craft of sculpture, and experimenting with new media. After he achieved international recognition for his work on Washington National Cathedral, Hart's sculpture of three soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial changed the national landscape forever.

Frederick Hart the artist sculpting the dynamic tympanum sculpture Ex Nihilo the embodiment of Creation at Washington National Cathedral

Cathedral Collection Sculptures.

Washington National Cathedral and Lain Hart Gallery are pleased to announce the release of limited editions of sculptures created for the cathedral by Frederick Hart.



Cast Acrylic Resin Sculptures.

"All the clear acrylic resin works are really the offspring of the Cathedral work. They deal with being and non-being… Clear acrylic figures emerge and disappear, literally creating a spiritual relationship between light and form, and a sense of mystery around being and non-being."
Frederick Hart


Bronze Sculptures.

"Bronze tends to be moving and emotional. It suits me. It suits my temperament."
Frederick Hart


  • "It is breathtaking to see an artist with the technical
    abilities and devotion to craft of Frederick Hart
    combine these gifts with an ability to go to the brink."

    J. Carter Brown
    J. Carter Brown Director Emeritus of the National Gallery of Art
  • "Hart's figures embody hope,
    reassuring us about the
    future of art and humankind."

    Donald Kuspit
    Donald Kuspit Art Critic
  • Frederick Hart's sculptures "succeed
    both as layered metaphors and as
    celebrations of sensuous, mortal beauty."

    Mary Yakus
    Mary Yakush Art Critic and Historian
  • "Frederick Hart knew
    how to make stone
    and bronze speak."

    Glenn McNatt
    Glenn McNatt Journalist and Arts Columnist
  • "Rick is – and I do not
    say this lightly –
    America's greatest sculptor."

    Tom Wolfe
    Tom Wolfe Author
  • "The most significant new figurative works to grace
    public spaces in Washington during the late
    twentieth century were created by Frederick Hart."

    James M. Goode
    James M. Goode Historian
  • Frederick Hart is "a great
    sculptor, an American
    known all over the world."

    Mikhail Piotrovsky
    Mikhail Piotrovsky Director of the Hermitage Museum

About us.

Lain Hart Gallery

Lain Hart Gallery provides collectors with unparalleled access to a range of rare and celebrated works by 20th-century master sculptor Frederick Hart.

Lain Hart, the son of sculptor Frederick Hart:

  • has over fifteen years of experience in education and arts administration;
  • writes and edits museum publications, as well as essays and articles in academic journals and books, including the award-winning Frederick Hart: The Complete Works (2007);
  • co-founded the Leopardi Writing Conference; and
  • serves as Executive Director of the Frederick E. Hart Foundation for Educational Opportunity, an organization established in honor of his father, and dedicated to helping young people from marginalized communities achieve their goals in education.

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